Overview of Wine Labels

With wine many say it is all about the vineyard, while others say it is all about the wine; however, in today’s society others stronly beg to differ that is all about the labels, the bottles and the presentation that are the key to a wine’s success. Here we will look at how Design and Wine continue to not just overlap, but are truly infused as one:

Traditional Labels

–       are elegant and refined

–       packaging highly functional

–       more ulitatian than visually excting

–       strictly business

–        let integrity of wine market itself

Strong typography

–       designers want to make a visual impact

–       no graphics or logos are needed

–       text is the artist itself

–       conveys a feeling/emotion

–       can be bold or basic

Humor wine

–       a way to entertain the consumer

–       driven by curiosity

–       grab attention

–       lets you tell a story

–       diversify the wine

even websites exist such as : http://accessories.cerebralitch.com/

have a variety of labels in the following categories: Birthday, Break up, Everyday, Love, Sex, Holiday, Gay, Valentines, New year, and Graduation

All labels are removable adhesive wrap around – $3.95

Creative beauty and style

–       works or art

–       can challenge the wine to outshine the packaging

–       existing works of arts used

–       label and designs

–       sheek and fashionable designs

–       bring a sophistication to the brand

Form, function, and elegance

–       braile wine – beautiful designs and serve vital purpose

–       design and function work in harmony

Party animals

–       sometimes its man’s best friend or silly monkeys

–       used to convey a message about the wine

–        can signify free-ness or boldness

–        can make the consumer anticipate the benefits of their wine

–        way to party and have fun

Pop art

–       who doesn’t love it

–       visual stimulating

–        drawn to the drama and exaggeration

–        curiosity


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