Easy to use and provides helpful advice

With the company we have examined the initial stages, the set-up, the expertise and opinions of the founder, and the exclusive wines that are offered. Now we will look at more of the set up and how Designwine is able to effectively help its customers. On the site there is a scroll down menu where customers can select find the perfect gift, personal gifts and corporate gifts. We will first start with the perfect gift.

Here customers can first choose the gender of the reciever of their gift.Then customers can chose the relation that this person has with the giver for example:

Then customers can choose from a variety of personalities:

Then from a variety of occasions:

Then you can finally choose the price range:

For example I chose Female, Partner, Adventurous, Dinner and 50-100 euros and my results were as follows:This easy to use platform really allows consumers to take advice from the wine experts and see all the combinations that they can come up with. This innovative tool and design allows for consumers to interact with the wine experts without having a constant person available. The internet has truly opened the market for niche marketing/business and does just that.


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