A look at an Italian Vineyard: ANFRA

Anfra is a family owned winery and is in Teramo province in the hills of Lands of Cerrano, in the city of Pineto,  between the coast of the Adriatic sea and the slopes of the “great pebble” (Gran Sasso D’Italia). The detailed micro-climate of  territory allows for the production of high quality grapes imminent destiny of producing great wines.

In the Anfra vineyards one finds themselves  wrap in a climate that is considered ideal, where the medium temperature goes from the 53,6° F to the 60,8° F, with periods of minim from 32° F to 46,4° F.

Anfra stress in their philosophy that they want to remain earthly. Thanks to this company the magic of a time lives again. This company has the ability to mix the present with the past, thus to succeed and exalt the contemporary, to the life of the world of today. In an increasingly mass-concentrated society, Anfra feels that their products want to be clear expression of a earth and an ideology. Anfra’s earth is Abruzzo, the region of the parks, the green heart of Italy, the emerald of the Mediterranean.

Recently Anfra has been recieving a lot of hype. They have been criticed and sampled by a variety of different magazines, publications and events. In this year alone they were featured in Vini d’itlaia-gamebero rosso, DUEMILAVINI 2010, Guida al vino quotidiano 2010,VINIBUONI d’Italia 2010,and Vini d’Italia 2010-L’espresso.

Anfra is a major company based on tradition, earth and family. Here one of the owners Francesco Savini gives us a deeper look at Anfra:

Also their advertising is very interesting for example:This past easter Anfra used this ad to attract people to buy more wine during Easter, proclaiming that they needed more chocolate… as we all know Chocolate is important at Easter, not only in Italy where chocolate eggs are a tradition, but around the world.

With this ad they were trying to appeal to the patriotism of their American consumers as well as any Europeans who felt effected by the twin Towers. This is also very symbolic because Anfra’s major wine and best seller Nero dei due mori… because Anfra is owned and run by two brothers with the help of their families and co-workers. These two brothers are very close and are passionate about the success of their vineyard.


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  1. Am also from Abruzzo and know the wines of Torano Nuovo (http://toranonuovo.wordpress.com) a bit better. Have have the Due Mori reds, excellent!!

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