Design and Wine Carafes

So we all know the French produce the most wine in the world and are known to be the true wine experts.  The drinking process, especially for the French is even more enjoyable, if the wine is served in a classy and interesting decanter.

Etienne Meneau created many unique designed carafes. They resemble the veins system in the human body or the roots of a tree. However when the carafe is filled with red wine, it is more believable to think that it is a  representation of the network of human veins. Etienne’s carafes come in series, you can see all of them at his blog:

Now he has come out with a new line called the Big heart. Each of his designs are hand made. Etienne comments that Borosilicat glass is a very strong: chemically and thermically.

Anyone can wash the Decanter with very hot water. Consumers should rinse thoroughly the decanter/carafe with demineralized water or drinkable white alcohol. Then let drain the decanter 2 or 3 hours upside down on a towel folded, propped up well in a corner.


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