The new and improved website

So as stated in my previous post I found out about in my e-marketing class. When I first researched it, the website was still in the initial stage and the mission statement and contacts where the only information to be found. Now, the site has completely transformed. Here is the website:

In anticipation for Mothers Day the site now features the following ad.

For consumers there is also an ingenious guided search that asks the following questions in a 5 step process:

I  chose red wine, medium boiled, paired with beef, fruit flavors and the price range of 15-25 euros. The resulting suggestions are as follows:

The website also includes pages about acclaimed designers such as:

Roberto Palomba

Partner at Palomba Serafini Associati, PS+A. Internationally acclaimed architect and designer.

For every Designer’s Selection sold, 5 per cent of proceeds will go to the Design Wine Community, a fund established for Italian and International children’s charities. Donations will be made on Ammado, the interactive platform uniting the nonprofit sector, engaged individuals and socially involved companies. Visit the community at

“Wine as slivers of stolen emotions from around the world, caught through the lens of my inseparable partner… my Canon. Experimenting with the five senses.”-Robert Palomba.

His selections include:


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