The wine glass makes all the difference

The glass truly makes all the difference when tasting wine. In 1957, Professor Riedel began experimenting with different glasses for different wines. He determined that the exact same wine – from the same bottle served at the exact same temperature at the same time and under the same conditions – tasted noticeably different when tasted from differently shaped and sized glasses. He spent the following 16 years studying the physics of wine delivery to the mouth and taste buds, experimenting with glass configurations and wines of different regions and maturities. He noticed that depending on glasses’ sizes, shapes, thickness, and rim diameter and thinness, they imparted different organ-oleptic information not only, transmitting specific characteristics but also harmony, depth, balance and complexity.

In 1958, he created the Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru stem, still the world’s largest wine glass (37-ounce capacity), which, initially, was dubbed ‘the goldfish bowl’ but in 1960 was placed in the permanent design collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern which, today, contains an additional 126 Riedel stems.

There are many guides that exist for each type of wine and experts rave that only certain wines should only be consumed in certain glasses.


Riedel, an Austrian company, proclaims that it is The wine glass company and on their site they have a wine glass guide. In the guide there are over 150 different wines. Each consumer can use the guide to pick exactly which type of glass they want for their occasion.

For my first example I chose Barolo, a typical very respected Italian red wine. Below are the 9 options I was supplied with. If you click on each glass you will receive a detailed description of each glass and where it is sold.

For a second example, I chose to look at Bordeaux, which is a typical French white wine. There were also 9 options suggested for this wine as well. With other more exclusive wines there were more precise options such as only one glass was suggested for consumption.

Also these glasses come with a high price. They are looked to as being a form of expression and manifestation of style and wealth. For example a deal found on a wine expert website advertised buying 8 Reidel glasses for the price of 8, still a price of 150 Euros.


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  1. Corning made wine glasses seem to be the best! they are tough and have great designs `

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