Facebook and the Wine Market

Wine Vineyard just like many business are taking advantage of the the possibilities and connections Social Networks such as Facebook have to offer. Since everyone loves Facebook and it is practically the 3rd largest country in the world what better way to mass market your wine!

Here sellers have a new way to interact with their customers supplying direct feedback. It is also a great and innovative Marketing Tool.

Not only can seller create a profile but they can also post photos, encourage customers to continue to consume their products, and provide status updates on new products or when certain events with their wine will take place.

This new business tool also gives consumers the chance to interact with each other expressing their feelings, beliefs, and thoughts about the product. Also the producer can supply the consumers with other user friendly links, such as their official website, twitter accounts and groups that the business is currently following. Also Facebook gives the producer the capability to upload videos as well as the ability to establish a more personal relationship with it’s customers. 

My friend Fancesco Savini, owner and one of the founders of Anfra Cantina, has expressed to me how valuable of a tool Facebook is to his business. He says it truly gives a producer  endless possibilities when promoting their wine.

Producers are also given the opportunity to create multiple profiles about their products as to market to certain target segments. Also owners can display their wine selection and products, their awards as well as conduct discussion boards. Currently Anfra Cantina has 2,517 friends on Facebook while Anfra has 1,057.


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