special wine for special people: how to find your niche

So today in my e-marketing class I was learning about the importance of the internet in the new phenomenon of establishing and distributing products that are part of a niche and my professor showed as an example.

DesignWine as stated on the Design Wine website: is a revolutionary blend of Wine culture and Design emotions combined with a unique Retail experience. Rooted in the heart of Italy, the company’s mission is to introduce the incredible world of Wine to new markets and new consumers through a wide Design, Fashion and Concept Stores network and an innovative Online Store.

“At DesignWine we collaborate with international partners to guarantee the finest selection of Wines and accessories for their customers who buy direct or through our innovative retail network. Our goal is to offer exciting new experiences through a unique range of products: special Wine selections, exclusive furniture and accessories designs and exceptional Gift packages,” says Founder & Partner Timothy O’Connell.

Their team is continuously scouting for new partners that produce quality wines, unique design products or represent a retail leader in their area.

The have a contact page where businesses that are interested in learning more about ‘DesignWine’s” selective partner network and how DesignWine can add value to your business. DesignWine is passionate about Design, Style, Quality, Culture, Nature, and in particular, the world of Wine.

The DesignWine project will be launched in Italy during Spring 2010 and will be rolled-out in the rest of Europe during Fall 2010/Spring 2011. Currently, the company is in the selection process of top Vineyards from around the world to participate in their exclusive wine collections.

I currently emailed the founder so that I could receive more information about the company, its success, partners and progress. I hope to hear back soon and supply another post about my findings! Here is the website:


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