MAKE WINE WITH US- A unique American entrepreneurial way to make wine

Make Wine With Us is a family owned and operated business that offers more than just the fundamentals of selecting the perfect vintage of wine for your wine-making, they offer you a series of hands-on wine making classes that provide their students a unique opportunity to learn the age-old wine making process from vine to wine.

However they definitely are not the typical wine-making school. Their wine-making students experience all the aspects of making their own homemade wine as they are guided through the process. Students are also supplied with everything they need right in their NJ wine-making facility. The steps include; choosing the grapes, wine crushing, wine pressing, wine racking and finally bottling their very own special vintage of homemade wine complete with their personalized wine label. Their wine-making pupils are all ages and from all different backgrounds, and large group excursions are encouraged to join in the fun and educational process.

NJ wine-making facility even hosts corporate team building events to make your own wine. Your company can experience corporate team bonding while learning the science behind wine-making with all supplies included. They have hosted Fortune 100 companies, such as American Express, Associated Press and others.

John Gizzi is the expert and CEO of the company Make Wine with Us and the company is located in Wallington, NJ. It was founded in 2002 and offers the opportunity to make red, white, and special blended wines to its consumers.

The entire process takes about 9 to 10 months. Within that time period, a customer will come in about 4 times with each session lasting about 2 hours:
1. The first time is to come in to crush your grapes.
2. A week later you will come back to press the grapes and put the wine into your barrel.
3. In late January or early February, you will rack your wine.
4. In July or August, you will come in to bottle your wine and take it home.

There are two time periods when grapes will arrive:
California grapes start arriving in late September. The entire process of crushing the grapes, pressing, and aging the wine takes about 9 to 10 months. During the summer months of July and August of the following year, bottling will take place and it is at this time that you will be able to take your wine home to enjoy.

Chilean grapes arrive at the end of April, which means you will be bottling your wine in February of the following year.

So Lets Get Started 🙂

First we will examine what ingredients are needed for making wine:

Next lets see how Make Wine with Us crushes grapes:

Then lets observe the addition of yeast:

Don’t forget additional ingredients must be added:

Now to let the real chemistry and wine process begin:

After the mixing has been completed it is time for pressing. First, the free run juice is pumped into the barrel. Then the crushed grapes go into the press. The use state of the art hydrolic presses, forces the pressed juice out through the perforations and into the barrel. Separation of the juice is simplified because fermentation makes the skins less slippery, and the amount of free run juice obtained is, therefore, much greater than for un-fermented musts.

Then Racking takes place. Racking is the process by which the suspended material (yeast cells, particles of skins, etc.) are removed from the wine after fermentation. Some wines deposit their suspended material very quickly, and the supernatant wine remains nearly brilliant. 50-gallon wooden barrels, which have great surface-to-volume ratios are used . The rough interior of wooden cooperage facilitates deposition of suspended material.

Finally comes Bottling, Corking and Labeling.This is the part you have been looking forward to all year, time to bottle your wine. Students fill their bottles, cork them, heat shrink a colorful capsule on the top and complete the final step…. they get to put on their own personalized labels. 


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